Successful Kitchen Layouts

When you are planning a new kitchen, a lot of time should be spent thinking about the ideal layout for the space. This is mostly depend on the size of the room you have, as well as the budget you want to spend, as the larger rooms will have more space for more units and things!

There are typically three main layouts for kitchens which work really well. The first is the “galley” style kitchen. This is where you have two rows of counters, with the cooker, fridge and sink within easy reach of each other. These tend to be used in long, narrow rooms.

The second type is an L shape kitchen, sometimes with an island if there is room. This is a classic kitchen shape which allows room for a dining area too if there is space. It is important that the cooker, sink and fridge are not too far apart, otherwise you will have a lot of steps to take while cooking.

The third main layout is a U shape, with units on three walls of the room. This is a good choice for larger kitchens where you have more room to play with.