Spring Kitchen Decorating Ideas

When we are in the height of spring, it is a good time of year to spend a little time sprucing the home up and making it ready for summer and longer days enjoying our homes! Here are some nice ways to decorate your kitchen for the springtime.


If you have windows in your kitchen, clear the windowsills and clean them thoroughly. Make sure the glass is spotless on your windows too (inside and out).  You can make your windows look pretty by changing curtains or blinds to a lightweight fabric in a light shade to reflect light. Add a few vases with flowers, or some pretty jugs to the sill for a shabby chic look.


A nice way to make your shelves look more attractive is to use glass jars and pots to store your food items. Instead of having shop brand packets and boxes, decant dry goods into mason jars and label the contents. This can make your kitchen look sleek and professional.


If you have a kitchen table within your kitchen, keep it clear from clutter and accessible to use at all times. It will look lovely if you set out places with matching crockery and cutlery, as well as having a pretty table cloth and napkins.