Sensible Placement Of Wall Mounted Ovens

There have been some fantastic kitchen transformations in my neck of the woods.  When I moved into my very comfortable, executive style detached house, the kitchen was such a remarkable improvement on the one I was leaving, that the thought of ever ripping it out and doubling the size and make up of the room was never in my thought process!    Recently I was treated to afternoon tea at a pal’s grandaughter’s . . .   the kitchen itself where we all congregated was bigger than my kitchen, utility and dining room combined.  The middle island unit included the cokking hob – hidden from view until a touch of a sensor brought it up.  The ovens were all integrated and wall mounted – very conveniently adjacent to work top space.  A brilliant concept here.  How many times have you been in a room with wall mounted ovens nowhere near the closest worktop – you have to run half a mile with piping hot cookware to put it down, leaving the oven door wide open.  I’m so glad these things have now been addressed with fantastic new designs to make life so much easier and beautiful!