Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

Here are some handy tips for making your kitchen feel a lot larger…

  1. Keep the worktops clear from any clutter: clutter and household objects can make worktop space seem a lot more limited, so keep your bits and bobs stored away in cupboards until you need them. You can always keep the couple of items you use everyday out, such as the kettle and toaster!
  2. Keep everything clean: stains and marks can draw the eye towards them, making the room look smaller. Keep surfaces spotlessly clean!
  3. Use colour wisely: dark colours can make rooms seem smaller, so open up the space with a light and bright colour scheme. Try to use no more than three colours within one room for best impact.
  4. Change cabinet doors: swap dark cupboard doors for light, shiny white ones. Also, see if you can have a couple with glass panels in!
  5. Switch to blinds: if you have curtains, switch to blinds which can be rolled up out of the way. This can make your windows look larger, and let more light in.
  6. Mirrors: to increase the space even more, try hanging a mirror in your kitchen to reflect light and make the room seem twice as large.

By using a few of these ideas, you could soon have an amazingly large (feeling) kitchen!