Kitchen Supply Specialists – So Kind To Stragglers

I am soon to be the proud owner of a brand new kitchen.  I was fortunate enough to have inlaws who were doing exactly the same task just a fw weeks ahead of me.  I’ve benefitted from their many hours of legwork doing research into the vast array of kitchens and settings that are laid before us in the massive out of town emporiums.  I find it all anxiety inducing, but I did pluck up courage to make an appointment with one major kitchen retailer.    It was all quite painless, I visited the showroom – showed some interest in the ranges, chatted to one of the inhouse design team and before leaving, I’d booked myself a designer appointment.  That was quite enlightening and I was impressed with the different choices I could look at.  She was informative with the pushiness and happily took out things that didn’t appeal or would have wasted my funds.    The automatic ‘surveyor’ visit was useful, laptop in hand he toured the space, ensuring the designer’s suggestions would actually fit in to the real space which was measured constantly from one wall to another.  Good stuff!