Kitchen Extension Project Exceeds Expectations

It’s certainly a good time to be refurbishing a current property.  With difficulties in marketing houses, whereas someone might think of selling and moving on up the scale, there’s an alternative now – get the builders in and extend out and up.     The lifestyle tv programmes that centre on improvements and rebuilds are responsible for families gaining confidence that they too are capable of achieving a dream of a kitchen and utility, easily worthy of magazine coverage.  My immediate neighbour has almost completed just such a project and their finished kitchen is stunning.   They described the project well before the work started and I’ve had the delight of builders wagons and deliveries, skips, portable loos etc. all over my part of our shared drive, but we’re good pals so . . .  The finished result of all that work and iinconvenience is a truly well thought out design with masses of cupboards, work top and space for everyone to be in the kitchen who wants to be, without falling over each other.