Kitchen Condition Testament To Quality

About forty  years ago we had the breathtaking excitement of the arrival of the massive out of town scandinavian furnuture and homewares emporium.   For so long now they have been the ‘go to’ place to start incredible life journeys.   I can think of one of their kitchens that was installed back in 2004.  Since then it’s had a seriously tough life.  The whole family congregate around the huge island and it’s possible for 2 people to prepare completely separate meals at the same time.  There are masses of drawers down one side of the island, matching those that cover one entire 21ft wall of the kitchen.  The couple had paid extra to have installers in to fit every bit.  This really paid off as every drawer still closes softly, no banging.  Where there are cabinets, these are on casters and form slide ins that you pull out and they are open each side with acres of storage space on 8 small shelves.  Just right for the budding bakers – tray upon tray of useful implements, decorating mediums, I’m amazed at the quality, bearing in mind the company is renowned for being very cheap in price.  But not in quality.