How Kitchen Needs Have Evolved Over Time

Kitchen design has definitely evolved from all squatting around a rudimentary camp fire outside to one inside, with the smoke going up through a hole in the woven roof, through gradual changes to the fantastic works of art enjoyed today.  Inbetween times we’ve managed to survive without a butler sink or latest stainless steel cabinetry and fitted woks.   Two houses just along the cul de sac here are both having major extenion works carried out, including massive new kitchens within those.  I’ve always thought our kitchens, with separate utilities supplied, were fantastic when we all moved in – by far the most modern and spacious domestic idyll I’ve ever wanted or needed certainly.  In fact if I had a bigger kitchen, I’d only fill each cupboard and drawer with more junk than they have now!  However, I know that the serious cook can never have enough gadgets, utensils and work tops – and there can  never be too big a work space, sink or island unit!