Headaches Caused By Kitchen Lighting Limitations

Because I’ve had this house, and hence the kitchen since new, I’ve not given a great deal of thought to the subject of kitchen design.  I have however thought before now that maybe mine could have been arranged more helpfully but on the whole, I’m not big in cooking – I cook to survive rather than the other way around.     I has recently crossed my mind however that having a wider kitchen with an island unit may well have cured my problem of shadows from the strip of downlights at this wintery time of year.  Everywhere I stand in the kitchen, I am in a shadow.  I have to prop my iPad up against the wall tiles under a cabinet and then put thesmall under cupboard  flourescent light on just so that I can the recipe and instructions.  I know now why people make such a big deal about the kitchen when I occasionally watch auction  house sales or other property and life style programmes on tv.  There is merit in looking at all aspects of the kitchen when first viewing a house.  It’s expensive if the heart falls for a house with an unfortunate kitchen!